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your voice is so pretty when it gets caught in the right rhyme

14 November
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hi there.

this journal is 75% friends-only.

28 days later, aimee mann, air, almost famous, alvin ailey, anne of green gables, anthropology, anti-skankism, arcade fire, aron's records, asian american studies, berkeley, bic runga, blur, books, bread, bridget jones, british sea power, buddhism, cadallaca, candles, catharsis, chikinki, cillian murphy, clinic, coachella, comfy shoes, computer mediated communication, crooked fingers, cut copy, cute indie boys, dancing, darwin, david bowie, depeche mode, diversity, donnie darko, driving, dude where's my car, end of fashion, ethnic studies, ewan mcgregor, fall, figure skating, finn andrews, fiona apple, franz ferdinand, future pigeon, garden state, gomez, greg behrendt, hedwig, helio sequence, hot hot heat, hotel cafe, idlewild, ima robot, internet, interpol, iron & wine, john wilkes kissing booth, jon brion, jonathan rhys meyers, joseph arthur, joy division, kasabian, kum nye, largo, learning, les savy fav, lestat, linguistics, longwave, los angeles, m ward, malibu rum, media, medical anthropology, meditation, mendel, metric, midnight movies, modest mouse, moulin rouge, moving units, muse, music, music videos, my computer, my morning jacket, my so-called life, new pornographers, nick swardson, nufnuf, nyingma, old 97's, patrick wolf, pernice brothers, photography, primates, public health, pulp, reading, red envelopes, rhett miller, riner, romeo and juliet, rufus wainwright, san francisco, school, science, secret machines, sleepy jackson, spaceland, telegraph avenue, the autumns, the big picture, the faint, the kills, the kinks, the magnetic fields, the notwist, the push kings, the rapture, the tears, the unicorns, the veils, the warlocks, the wrens, the zutons, theory of evolution, thorn birds, tom vek, troubadour french fries, tv on the radio, uc berkeley, used cd shopping, vampire chronicles, velvet goldmine, web design, whiskeytown, white stripes, whitney high school, wilco, yoga, ziggy stardust